The Benefits

More than 70 million people are affected by hair loss in the United States, with the vast majority under-treated. Although the condition is not life-threatening, it can severely affect self-worth and impact quality of life dramatically. Learn how you can help your male AND female patients.

Join Angela DeRosa, DO, CPE, MBA  as she presents:

  •  Myths and types of hair loss
  • Innovations in assessment options 
  • Treatment options

With lifetime access to the course content, it serves as a reference and investment in your practice, too.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hair Health Innovations: Part 1, Causes

    • Hair Loss Innovations Part 1: Causes. Video (29:04)

    • Hair Health Innovations Part 1: Causes - PDF

  • 2

    Hair Health Innovations: Part 2, Work Up

    • Hair Loss Innovations Part 2 : Work Up. Video (21:17)

    • Hair Loss Innovations, Part 2: Work Up -PDF

  • 3

    Hair Health Innovations: Part 3, Treatment Modalities

    • Hair Loss Innovations Part 3: Treatment Modalities , Including Compounded Medication. Video (38:43)

    • Hair Loss Innovations: Part 3: Treatment Modalities, Including Compounded Medication - PDF

  • 4

    Hair Loss Innovations Quiz

    • Hair Loss Innovations Quiz

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