• What makes your training different?

    We blend practical, clinical, and operational information, delivered by practicing clinicians who understand the day-to-day.

  • What is the difference between Concierge Training and the BHRT Masterclass Series?

    The content is largely the same but Concierge Training is more similar to a classroom experience. When you choose Concierge Training, you are guided by an instructor who adds their personal insights to each segment and can address your questions on the spot. In addition, you receive 4 months support after Concierge Training ends to have your questions answered.

  • How long is the didactic portion of concierge Training?

    The training includes hormone pellet training, and contains about 8 hours of didactic training. Training can be delivered in one session or in several. Hands-on pellet training is a minimum of one day in your office. If you choose the self-study option then you go at your own pace and in your own place.

  • Am I required to buy anything from you in exchange for training?

    No. We believe that training and product sourcing are two separate conversations. You are paying only for your training. Upon graduation, we do provide connections and resources, often including samples or discounts, that make it easier to transition to active practice. The decision is always yours, though.

  • Who delivers the training?

    Dr. DeRosa and her team of trainers deliver live didactic training and hands-on training. All of our trainers speak from experience and with a commitment to providing the best possible care.

  • How much is training?

    Self-study webinars start as low as $49. Live didactic training starts at $3,500 and in-person hands-on pellet insertion training begins at $1,500.

  • I'm new to BHRT where should I start?

    The Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Masterclass Webinar Series contains all of the key webinars we offer and will provide both clinical and operational guidance. The content for the series is THE SAME as what is covered in Concierge Training except that you go at your own pace.

  • I need assistance, who do I contact?

    For training questions, please email us at HHI@drhotflash.com and one of our Education Coordinators will contact you. Please provide a phone number, the best time to reach you, and your time zone. For technical issues, your fastest option is email HHI@drhotflash.com or call us at 480-407-9007 and let them know you are calling about the Hormonal Health Institute