Private Concierge Training

Live streaming or in person

Concierge Level Coaching provides one-on-one training and support from Dr. DeRosa or one of our experienced trainers. Eight hours of didactic training can be delivered live via Zoom in one long or several shorter sessions. You may also opt to have a trainer come to your office and train you in person. The content is the same, it's simply your preference. For hands-on pellet insertion training that is done in your office on your patients. Ongoing support via phone and email for four months to guide you as you manage patients on your own.

On-Demand Education

Work at your pace

Select our bundle for the best value and preparation for hormonal health. Or, choose exactly what you want from our menu, including hormone & pellet therapy, thyroid disorders, weight loss programs, consent packages, and more.
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Corporate Training Programs

Turn-key solutions

Large practices expanding into HRT, pellet therapy, or related disciplines can easily offer consistent, high-quality training to groups of prescribers or other staff. The Hormonal Health Institute offers private, co-branded tailored solutions that blend self-paced webinar training and offer options of live webinars and assessments. We personalize the content, all hosted in a secure portal just for you.

Group Lectures or Clinical Management

Custom options for your Practice

Allow us to customize workshops for your practice or organization ( up to 500 attendees). You may also choose from a variety of topics. You may also inquire about clinical management and oversight of your staff or medical directorship programs.

Professional Consultations

Expertise at your Fingertips

Many prescribers find it helpful to have a trusted resource for clinical support to turn to from time to time. An experienced prescriber who can assist in the interpretation of clinical findings, especially for challenging patients. Consultations can be one or ongoing. Contact us using the button below to learn more.