Hormone Practice Development

Customized and turn-key solutions for your practice

Our Team will deliver turn-key programs for your practice with all of the clinical and operational tools you will need. From patient consent forms through work flows, supplies and even tips on patient acquisition. Your office staff will be trained and mentored by our experts. You will receive a digital binder with all the Standard Operating Procedures & Clinical Protocols you need to launch and run the program smoothly.

Expert Witness Wanted

Join our roster today

Over the last several years our HHI experts have been called upon to be expert witnesses to support colleagues in medical malpractice cases. Duties have included medical record review, letter writing, depositions, and potentially testifying in from of a Medical Board or Jury. Now, we are building up a roster of Expert Witnesses interested and willing to engage in the paid positions. To be considered you must have at least 10 + years of experience actively treating hormone patients and email your CV and a cover letter expressing why you should be considered for this contracted role.

On-Demand Education

Work at your pace

Looking for a quick refresher or ready to do a deep dive into hormone therapy training? We have lots of choices for you. From single topic courses, to in-depth training we can even customize a program just for you.

Private Concierge Training

Live streaming or in person

Concierge Level Coaching provides one-on-one training and support from Dr. DeRosa or one of our experienced trainers. Eight hours of didactic training can be delivered live via Zoom in one long or several shorter sessions. You may also opt to have a trainer come to your office and train you in person. The content is the same, it's simply your preference. For hands-on pellet insertion training that is done in your office on your patients. Ongoing support via phone and email for four months to guide you as you manage patients on your own.

Custom Training Programs

Turn-key solutions for your Practice

Large practices expanding into HRT, pellet therapy, or related disciplines can easily offer consistent, high-quality training to groups of prescribers or other staff. The Hormonal Health Institute offers private, co-branded tailored solutions that blend self-paced webinar training and offer options of live webinars and assessments. We personalize the content, all hosted in a secure portal just for you.

Expert Consultations

Support is a call, email or text away

Many prescribers find it helpful to have a trusted resource for clinical support to turn to from time to time. An experienced prescriber who can assist in the interpretation of clinical findings, especially for challenging patients. Consultations can be one or ongoing. Contact us using the button below to learn more.

Group Lectures or Clinical Management

Custom options for your Practice

Allow us to customize workshops for your practice or organization (up to 500 attendees). You may also choose from a variety of topics. You may also inquire about clinical management and oversight of your staff or medical directorship programs.

Rave Reviews

E. Connie Mariano, MD, FACP Former White House Physician

Dr. Derosa is the goddess of hormone therapy

“Dr. Angela DeRosa is the goddess of hormone therapy. An expert in hormone replacement therapy for men and women. She was vital in educating my staff on how to evaluate, administer, and manage hormone therapy including pellets for my patients. She spent many hours training my staff and was available 24/7 for questions. I highly recommend her services for practitioners interested in offering hormone therapy to their patients."

Annie Clarke, NP

A wealth of knowledge

"Dr. DeRosa recently trained me in hormone replacement therapy. I just wanted to share what a great experience this has been and how my community of South Lake Tahoe is already benefiting. Dr. DeRosa is truly a wealth of knowledge on overall well-being and hormone health."

Lorena Conde, PA-C

The information provided is priceless

"Dr. DeRosa has been an exceptional mentor! The one-on-one approach was the best decision I made for my further training in bioidentical hormones. Those of you thinking of going to a weekend course is enough please think again. You will have multiple questions along the way and Dr. DeRosa is available to answer them all. The information provided during the didactic portion of the training is priceless. I sincerely recommend her concierge training. You will NOT regret the investment."

Williams Keating, MD

Train Today Implement Tomorrow

"Masterclass was very practical and well organized. Will be able to implement lesson into my practice today."

B. Halls, ARNP/FNP-C

"WOW" this was an amazing course!

"I have recently completed the "Treating Patients with non-pellet Bio-identical hormone options" bundle with Dr DeRosa through The Hormonal Health Institute. "WOW" this was an amazing course!"

RN Dallas, TX

I Highly Recommend This Course!

“I am very happy I took this course. It was filled with useful clinical resources on the history and safety of BHRT, documentation resources, and it provided clear treatment protocols. I feel confident offering this treatment to my patients. I highly recommend this course.”

Angela Crothers, MS, WHNP

Dr. DeRosa is a voice I trust

“I am so grateful for the trusted, intelligent guidance I am receiving going through these modules. BHRT in the form of pellets felt like the wild wild west as a WHNP who spent most of her career in conventional gynecology. I have heard so many different voices, read so many different protocols and Angela De Rosa is without a doubt the voice I trust. Thank you so much for all your hard work, this sound guidance and your clear clinical excellence!”

Kari Rocco, FNP

HHI Training Videos Are Amazing!

“The HHI training videos are amazing! Dr. DeRosa is a great teacher. I have already learned so much from her. She has a great way of making complicated hormonal changes much easier to understand and treat! I'm so glad I made the purchase you recommended.”

Catherine Kealy, FNP


"This talk was simple, factual and I can easily take back to work."

Danielle M. Demeter, CNM, APRN


"First, I want to say how much I have learned from you, and the benefit in my practice. I have been giving women hormones for 18 years, and most recently started doing pellets. I do believe they are SUPERIOR in every way. I personally have them in and it is a GAME CHANGER! My perimenopause patients have been so pleased because they have been told that there is nothing else they can do until menopause. I am a true believer now!"

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