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    1. Sarcotropin Overview

    2. Sarcotropin Part I Webinar

    3. Sarcotropin Part II Webinar Damian Thrasher

    4. Sarcotropin Flyer

    5. Summary and Next Steps

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Sarcotropin® IPA is a dietary supplement, indicated for the management of age-related changes in body composition including, severe muscle loss or sarcopenia. Belmar Pharmacy is pleased to present Dr. Richard Walker, partner and Vice President of Research/Product Development at ProSoma, LLC, as he discusses the benefits of Sarcotropin® IPA with Dr. Angela DeRosa, Medical Director Belmar Pharma Solutions and founder of Hormonal Health Institute. Learn more about the factors that contribute to altered body composition during aging. Some factors include; functional decline of neuroendocrine activity, growth hormone production, sex steroid secretion, and diminished dietary intake of amino acids, protein, and vitamins. Sarcotropin® IPA was specifically formulated to oppose these deficiencies by combining essential ingredients intended to complement a normal diet and a healthy lifestyle. You can place an order for Sarcotropin through Belmar Pharmacy. Download these order forms to see how. This course is brought to you by our knowledge sponsor: